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From Fisher Evans of Burlington, VT

Fairly priced rates, good tables, awesome environment. Love playing pool here – it also helps that it’s the only Pool Hall in Vermont.

From Shino W. of Burlington, VT

The only pool hall I’m aware of in the area, this place is a wonderful way to spend a night.
The owner of the establishment, Van Phan is a one-woman show. She runs the bar, manages the pool hall, makes some seriously mean drinks, and will often grab a cue herself and kick some butt on her high-end pool tables. Apparently she’s the state champ, and with good reason.

It’s a pay-by-the-hour (or by-the-game?) location, and you can easily spend an entire night with your friends for relatively cheap, depending on how much you drink. A bit of a warning though, while her drinks are great, she’s VERY generous with the alcohol and the drinks are huge for the price, so brace yourself.

All in all, if I had more thumbs, it’d be 10 thumbs up!

PS: Heads up, it’s kinda hidden behind some other buildings, so it’s a tad difficult to find. Just keep driving around the back loop until you see neon signs.

Vermont APA league – 8 balls

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Vermont APA league

APA 9-ball billiards league

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