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About Us


Since 2004, Van Phan Billiards is the most exciting entertainment venue in South Burlington, Vermont. Customers find us as a perfect fit for various occasions: casual friends get together; colleagues and professionals hang out after work; families have fun times drinking and relaxing on the family nights; couples go on the first dates; or some customers simply come to Van Phan Billiards to meet new awesome friends.

Whether you are out with a large group or on a first date, we offers the perfect atmosphere and unique experiences. Plus, you can also reserve the place in advanced for private parties such as birthday, bachelor, bachelorette, wedding reception, etc.

  • Overall

    5000 square feet of well-maintained place are divided into 4 separate areas that meet different needs: 20 foot long bar for ones who like to chill and watch the games from the sideline, 7-foot billiards tables area for novice players who prefer to pay per game, 9-foot billiards table area for avid players who like to practice and sharp up their skills for a longer period of playing time, and relaxing lounge with comfortable couches for ones who like to be in public but sill have privacy.

  • The Bar

    With the 20 foot long bar that includes various selection of 8 beers on tap, more than a dozen in the bottle, as well as a full range of cocktail options, there is always something new to try. Our cocktails and mixed drinks stand out for their high qualities. We don’t use well liquors for any of our mixed drinks. We also use only real juices and fresh ingredients.

  • The Billiards Hall and other games

    We offer 2 types of billiards tables:

    – 10 Brunswick Gold Crown 9-foot tables with Simonis cloth.
    – 4 coin operated 7-foot tables with Champion cloth (exact same kind of cloth is used in the APA national tournament)

    We keep up with the maintenance of all the tables, making sure players always play on the nicest condition. Beside pool tables, we also have a big ping pong table and 2 foosball tables available at all time.

  • The services

    Our staffs are nice, fun, and pleasant to be around. We are not only making awesome drinks but also provide some tips on the games when requested.